The Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development’s (MWCSD) mandated focus is to lead the work on community development in order to achieve social and economic outcomes for families and communities.

The Ministry’s core functions include:

  • Policy advice on community and social development issues including village governance and culture, advancement of women, youth and child development and disability.
  • Delivery and monitoring of community and social development programmes for target populations.
  • Coordination of government led village based programmes and projects       
  • Support village governance towards enabling sustainable community development and maintaining social cohesion and harmony.                        
  • Provision of government printing services.

MWCSD focus is on the community, and vulnerable families in particular, people living with disabilities and rural families. MWCSD works together with non-government organisations in Samoa that provide social services and economic development opportunities. They also work closely with other government organisations, such as education, health, justice, police, employment and labour, environment, tourism, agriculture, energy, and utilities.