MNRE is a government Ministry founded in the 1970s. The Ministry’s vision is to “improve quality of life for all Samoans that is premised on sustainable development and management of the country’s natural resources and environment.” The Ministry’s mission is “to work together in close partnership with communities and stakeholders for the pursuit of sustainable development.”

MNRE works to improve the environment and do more for the people and wildlife of Samoa with the available resources. Supporting the Samoan Government’s drive for economic and sustainable green growth is also an important goal.

MNRE continues to evolve and respond to changes using an approach of seeing challenges as opportunities, focusing on interconnecting people, environment and conservation through;

  1. Seeking to protect the environment through integrated regulatory systems prioritising monitoring and enforcement
  2. Using local knowledge and expertise to contribute to environmental policy development
  3. Engage and involve the communities, private sector, corporations to help share responsibility for the environment, natural resources and encourage informed decisions
  4. Raising awareness and understanding of impacts on the environment
  5. Facilitate the sustainable use of natural resources
  6. Strive to conserve natural systems for the long term needs of future generations

MNRE works with a diverse range of actors and drivers for environmental change. These include United Nations agencies, the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme, the Global Environment Facility, local NGOs and the Department of Conservation (NZ) and the Auckland Zoo.

The Ministry is run and overseen by the Cabinet through the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment and the Chief Executive Officer. All its development activities and programmes are discussed and approved through the Cabinet Development Committee.