The National University of Samoa (NUS) was established in 1984 in Malifa, a sub-village of Apia, Upolu island. NUS was the result of an Act of Parliament that saw its first cohort of 45 students enrolled in their university preparatory, or foundation, year in the lead up to scholarship placement in overseas universities. The Centre for Samoan Studies (CSS) was established in 1999 and positioned as NUS’, and the country’s, dedicated research arm.


The purpose of CSS is to teach, support and facilitate any research conducted on Samoan people, culture and history. It works closely with local and overseas academics to ensure that the research conducted in Samoa is academically and ethically sound. Its goal is to teach local Samoan students and prepare them for either future employment or to pursue advanced degrees. They are also committed to building the canon of Samoan research through their own specific research areas and interests.”