The Equanut Company was founded in 2017 after two of the company’s directors came across the nut in Papua New Guinea and recognised its potential for commercialisation as a sustainable and ethical alternative to the almond industry.

The Equanut Company aims to use New Zealand led-business, marketing, food industry, and sales expertise to create a new, commercially viable industry and ethical employment. Their aim is to begin in PNG with the goal to spread more widely across Melanesia to create economies of scale and ensure supply can meet emerging market demand.

While the company does aim to generate profits for business shareholders, a key cornerstone is ensuring this is done in an ethical way that produces fair returns and new opportunities for the people in PNG and across Melanesia.

Their founding partners are committed to the values of responsible business principles to maximise positive impacts and avoid adverse impacts and both potential and current shareholders are committed to and attracted by these values to ensure they practice what we preach.

They have a commitment to ensuring better economic outcomes, freedom of choice and micro-entrepreneurship initially for the people of PNG before spreading across Melanesia. The nuts are purchased directly from smallholder farmers who receive a payment in excess of what they receive from both cocoa and copra industries.