Our Lady of the Sacred Heart International School is an independent Catholic school offering quality and affordable faith-based education to students (from Prep – Year 12). MSC Sisters established the School nearly sixty years ago. Since then, the School has continued to carry out the Sisters’ mission of providing quality teaching and learning environment, enabling students to get the best education possible. The School’s Christian values and traditions support inclusiveness, integrity, mutual respect, love and care for one another. The School employs 34 staff members, consisting of 17 qualified teachers and 17 ancillary staff (including teacher aides, administration, and finance). The ratio of male to female employees is almost 50:50, and the School has an effective Gender equity policy. The School is committed to ensuring that the most progressive education is “available to the children of New Ireland as is the right of every child everywhere in the world” to receive a quality education.


For more information visit: https://www.olshinternational.org/