The MHMS is responsible for raising the health status of the people of Kiribati, which is accomplished through the provision of comprehensive health services via health promotion, prevention and curative measures.

The MHMS’s vision is for a “healthy population that is well supported by quality health services” and its mission is: “To deliver a safe quality service through hospital, public health and nursing services”.

The Ministry provides three services - Hospital (Curative) Services, Public Health Services and Nursing Services. Each of these services is headed by a Director. The overall administrative and operations of the Health Services are overseen by the Secretary of Health and their administrative team.

 The Public Health Division is responsible for primary health care and basic health services, nutrition promotion, environmental sanitation, maternal and child health services, school health services and health promotion.

 Public Health functions include:

  • Health surveillance, monitoring and analysis
  • Investigation of disease outbreaks, epidemics and risks to health
  • Establishing, designing and managing health promotion and disease prevention programmes
  • Enabling and empowering communities to promote health and reduce inequalities
  • Creating and sustaining cross-Government and inter-sectoral partnerships to improve health and reduce inequalities
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations and laws to protect and promote health

The Health Promotion Unit has the overall role of coordinating the planning and implementation of different projects to promote health. This is done in close collaboration with various other units within the Ministry as well as other external stakeholders to promote the health and well-being of the Kiribati people.

The Ministry also provides mental health service to improve the mental health and well-being of people in the Kiribati community by:

  • Developing effective, holistic, accessible and equitable health services that address mental health needs
  • Promoting community awareness and understanding of mental health and illness
  • Promoting the participation of people with mental health problems in community work and life

The mental health service health service currently includes an inpatient service as well as an outpatient clinic.