The Department of Police, Corrective Services and Justice, and Principal Legal Adviser (DPCSJ), formerly the Law and Justice Division, is the key Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) entity responsible for delivering a “just, safe, secure and free Bougainville”.

 The DPCSJ will deliver on its purpose to “provide the people of Bougainville with the best possible law and justice services” by executing the following five core objectives outlined in the Law and Justice Mid Term Development Plan 2016-2019, including:

  1. Continuously improve security, safety and crime prevention through community policing
  2. Establish a strong Bougainville law and justice government service
  3. Deliver timely and high quality legal and justice services to the ABG and its people
  4. Build understanding of “access to justice for all”
  5. Implement rehabilitation, reconciliation and reintegration programs

The five core objectives above will be executed by the DPCSJ and through development partner support by executing the following two objectives:

  1. Provide infrastructure, logistical support, facilities and necessary tools to deliver high quality law and justice services
  2. Improve capacity and employment conditions for Bougainville law and justice workers

For more information:

DPCSJ website click here.