The mandate of the DPI is to facilitate sustainable agricultural growth, income generation and job creation in Bougainville in pursuit of sustainable and inclusive economic prosperity. Within this mandate, the DPI is responsible for:

  • Facilitating an increase in the quality and quantity of cash crop exports
  • Building resilience in food security among communities
  • Stimulating sustainable economic activity in livestock
  • Facilitating (and where powers are prescribed, regulating) sustainable economic activity in marine resources
  • Stimulating sustainable economic activity in forestry value chains
  • Addressing cross cutting issues of climate change, inequality, child protection and discrimination in all programming

Historically the DPI has intervened directly in agricultural value chains through providing inputs to farmers and extension services. In 2016, under a new Secretary, the DPI aimed to focus more on facilitating and catalysing sustainable economic activity rather than the direct provision of inputs. The DPI is also progressing to adopt the functions of the commodity boards. Should this occur the DPI will assume regulatory functions.

The DPI is being supported by the Australian and New Zealand-funded flagship economic development initiative in Bougainville, the Commodity Support Facility (CSF). The objectives of the CSF are to: promote the growth and development of the agricultural, forestry and marine resources sectors within Bougainville, through funding appropriate sector-focused production, marketing, research, extension and training activities that are consistent with the strategic framework being articulated in the DPI Agriculture Investment agenda.

The CSF is informed by value chain analyses across a range of commodities with initial focus on the cocoa and coconut industries, but some support to fresh produce is now being developed.

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